Suspension training was developed by a former Navy Seal in the 1990's and is beneficial in the following ways: 

1. Total Body Workout

Suspension training provides a total body workout , targeting muscular strength, endurance & cardio. It can also help with balance, coordination, flexibility, core & joint stability. Regardless of your goals  -  whether it be fat loss, building strength, ab. definition or increased endurance -  suspension training covers all bases.


2. Core Training

The movements undertaken on a suspension trainer require great core stability & constant core engagement. They target abdominal muscles, lower back, pelvic floor and obliques.


3. Decreased stress on joints


Because of its suspended nature, this kind of training is low impact, meaning that the joints are not put under much stress. Therefore, there is a decreased likelihood of injury or aggravating any old injuries.


4. Accessible to Everyone


Suspension training is beneficial to all levels  (regardless of fitness level, age or ability) . The user has control of the resistance or load on the muscles during an exercise. It is simply a case of adjusting the straps accordingly to a level that challenges you but is not too difficult.


5. The workouts are simple yet very challenging ...and are a lot of fun!

For those who struggle to keep motivated, this is an added bonus,  as interest levels are kept high. This keeps you engaged and looking forward to your next session


  • Suspension training in group classes run by certified TRX coaches, during which you will be monitored and given exercises to cater to your individual requirements

  • Strong community environment & fun atmosphere

  • Daily tips & advice on our Facebook page

  • Monthly in-house workshops - informative instruction covering topics such as nutrition, strength & conditioning, understanding your energy balance, and more

  • On-going support

We cater for all fitness levels and our programs range from complete beginners to the more advanced

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