We cater for all fitness levels and our programs range from complete beginners to the more advanced.

To this end, we have devised 4 class types to suit all levels of fitness:


1. TROJAN = Strength & Isolation

Trojan will develop strength in your upper body, legs and core activation. This workout will help you increase & sustain muscle definition

2. PANTHABalance & Flexibility

Pantha will relax your mind, however will still challenge your core strength. This workout will improve your balance posture by delivering a TRX fusion with pilates & yoga

3. BLAZESpeed & Cardio

4. QUAKEPower all round workout

1Cover (7).jpg

Blaze is designed to increase cardiovascular endurance. This workout will help you increase your explosive power, speed & energy levels

Combination of strength, fitness & speed. Think of it as "Trojan" & "Blaze" mixed together with a few cheeky extras